While traffic enforcement is only one component to the duties of a police officer, it is an important job function. Traffic laws are not only intended to keep drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists safe on the roadways, but also are designed to keep community members protected as well. For instance during a routine traffic encounter, a police officer may recover weapons, drugs, and other contraband, apprehend violent criminals with outstanding warrants, identify and prevent potential crimes from occurring, and much more.

Traffic safety and the issuing of traffic tickets do have an impact on the reduction of vehicular accidents. This information is relevant because studies show a person is more likely to be involved in a traffic accident than be a victim of a crime. In addition, speed limit signs, stop signs, and other traffic control devices have little effect on the behaviors of the motoring public if there is not an officer there to enforce them. Because traffic enforcement contributes to the overall safety of our community and roadways, the Lincolnshire Police Department will continue to devote strong efforts in promoting and conducting traffic safety measures.

Traffic Complaints

In order to address specific issues like speeding, stop sign violators, and other hazardous traffic concerns in our community, the Lincolnshire Police Department is asking for your assistance in identifying particular areas in town where and when these problems exist. Please click on the link provided below and complete the document labeled, “Traffic Complaint Form.” After the complaint form is submitted, a supervising officer will review the form and delegate appropriate traffic enforcement. Once the complaint is addressed, a supervising officer will review the action and determine if additional concentrated enforcement is needed. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our streets of Lincolnshire safe!

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Crash Reports

If you were involved in a traffic crash in Lincolnshire and a crash report was completed by a Lincolnshire Police Officer, you have the ability to retrieve a copy of your crash report online. To obtain a copy of your crash report, click the following link and complete the appropriate information with fee payment.