Anyone with property along a river or stream should review their personal flood response plans, and should consider taking actions to reduce the possibility of property damage from spring flooding. Clear debris from storm drains and culverts if it is safe to do so, and make sure that sump pumps, gutters, and downspouts are working correctly. Be familiar with local resources for flood response, including resources that may be available through your local municipality or township. Remember that hazard insurance (renters and homeowners) does not usually cover damages caused by flooding. Check with your insurance agent about the availability and prudence of purchasing flood insurance.

The week of March 19-25 is National Flood Safety Awareness Week. Remember, it is NEVER safe to drive through flowing water that covers a road or street, and still water over a roadway could hide washouts or collapses. Turn Around, Don’t Drown!

Learn more about flood safety through the National Weather Service.