The Village has received a few concerns recently regarding the presence of coyotes in Lincolnshire. You may see more coyote activity and hear more howling as February/March are prime breeding season for coyotes. In order to keep coyotes out of your yard, try to refrain from providing an “attractive nuisance”. This would be any food source, i.e., garbage, pet food, etc.; or a home source, i.e., wood pile, access points under porches or decks, holes in the ground, etc. 

Informational brochure on Coyotes


Village Staff has researched Coyote trapping and has found aggressively trapping and killing coyotes does not help to reduce the coyote population. Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) biologists state “trying to reduce and control the coyote population will not work. The void created by an animal’s death will be filled within 3-4 weeks.” Coyotes are very smart and difficult to catch in a live trap. IDNR recommend “unless an animal has demonstrated aggressiveness toward a human or a domestic pet, the coyote should be left alone.” In the event of aggressiveness, a licensed trapper should be contacted to address the issue. Additionally, please remember if you have small dogs, do not leave them unattended. If you see coyotes regularly in your yard, make their visit uncomfortable, bang on pots, sound a horn, etc. Village Staff is currently conducting a multi-Village survey to understand how other Villages are handling coyote concerns and will report the finding to the Village Board.

An informational call list is provided by Lake County. If you notice coyote acting aggressively towards a human or an animal, please contact the Lake County Health Department-Animal Control at 847.377.4700.